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The Prophet Musa (Arabic) - موسى

The Prophet Musa (Arabic) - موسى

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Quran Stories for Kids series provides an ideal first introduction to the Quran, its stories and people for little ones. Each attractive book retells one complete story from the Quran. Written in simple and easy-to-read narrative, with child-friendly illustrations on every page, will surely capture children's attention and hold their interest. This book presents the life and times of the Prophet Musa, from his infancy, to the period of his divine mission and preaching of Allah's words. It describes his upbringing in the palace, and his journey to Madyan and back when, on Mount Sinai, Allah spoke to him directly. It goes on to describe the parting of the Red Sea and the defeat of Firawn and his mighty army as the Prophet Musa lead his followers out of Egypt to the Promised Land.

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Title: The Prophet Musa (Arabic) - موسى
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