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Establishing a connection between Deen and Dunya

The books published by Weekend Learning focus on providing a clear understanding of the teachings of Allah and His Messenger with teachings drawn from the Quran and Sunnah. The series aims to create a society well versed in the spiritual and ethical call of Islam

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Weekend Learning Islamic Studies

The Weekend Learning Islamic Studies offers a solid curriculum with topics based on the Quran, Hadith, nabis and rasuls, companions, aqidah, fiqh, seerah, Islamic history, ideology, ethics, and more. Many topics of contemporary interest are covered, such as dating, male-female relationships, Muslim identity in North America, Islam in school or at the workplace, racism, and Islamic finance.

The lessons in the curriculum are presented in a logical, systematic manner to suit the teaching needs of Islamic schools. Topics have been selected based on age, grade, and students’ learning level.

Student Workbooks and Teacher's Guides available for each level in addition to the textbooks.

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    Quran Studies

    The Quranic Studies books from Weekend Learning are the best books to introduce students to the Quran. They are an integral part of Islamic School curriculum  and help students memorize short surahs, understand their meanings and perfect their recitation.

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  • Weekend Learning Publications - Seerah Books - Life of Rasulullah


    Thee Seerah books from Weekend Learning not only narrate the biography of Nabi Muhammad but encourage critical thinking and personal reflection so students can understand the divine wisdom behind events in his life and internalize the teachings of Rasulullah.

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  • Weekend Learning Publishers - Arabic Reading and Writing Workbooks

    Arabic Learning

    The Arabic Learning books from Weekend Learning are the perfect choice to introduce students to learning Arabic including acquiring the necessary skills to recite the Quran. They provide a solid foundation for learning Arabic for communication / daily use as well.

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Weekend Learning Islamic Studies Series

Key Features

A Comprehensive Curriculum

A good textbook would fail to deliver without a curriculum to back up the books. The Weekend Learning curriculum provides the direction for the entire set of books covering all major themes like Fiqh, Aqidah, biographies of Nabis and Rasuls, Islamic Akhlaaq, contemporary and interfaith topics.

Authentic Representation

All content in the book are meticulously presented based on authentic Sunni principles and interpretations eliminating biblical bias and remaining true to the Quran. Any information that cannot be verified by the Qur’ān or Sunnah have been excluded.

Age Appropriate Lessons

The chapters in the textbooks are designed specifically for the learning needs of each grade level. There is no need for teachers to tone down a lesson or otherwise alter it in order to make it relevant to the class.

Teacher Friendly Content

The textbooks are designed to help teachers deliver their lessons in a structured, resourceful and easy to teach manner. Lesson plans and annotated notes in the Teacher's Editions making teaching easy and rewarding even for volunteer teachers without any formal teaching experience.

Well Structured Homework

Each chapter in the textbooks include homework questions to reinforce student's learnings.

Additional resources including tests, question banks and more are included in the Student Workbooks and Teacher's Editions.

Thematic Presentation

All lessons in the textbooks are presented in distinct units and arranged thematically. The lessons begin with the introduction of the basic tenets of Islam assuming no prior knowledge and build towards more advanced topics including application of Islamic principles in daily life.

Reinforced Learning

Central elements and themes are constantly revisited throughout the series to ensure broadening of knowledge as well as reinforce learning.

Major topics are repeated in higher levels with more in-depth content.

Practical Lessons

A large section of the books cover Islam in practical life presented from the perspective of North American students including topics of contemporary interest like dating, male-female relationships, etc.

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