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Write and Erase Arabic Alphabet - Al Barakah Books

Write and Erase Arabic Alphabet

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Write and Erase Arabic Alphabet is for early learners. 

This workbook is designed to help young students practice writing Arabic alphabets. The book comes with its own write-erase pen. Any other write-erase pen will work equally. The book has glossy art paper throughout, allowing months of writing and erasing until some perfection is reached. Evidently, students need some practice with those strokes, curves, dots of the alphabets, and this workbook provides the right medium to practice endlessly.

  • Large format book with glossy art papers.
  • Comes with its own write-erase pen,
  • Learn basic hand coordination skills,
  • Letter recognition,
  • Repeated writing, erasing,
  • Multiple common words associated with each letter,