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We Are Muslims - Textbook - Grade 1

We Are Muslims - Textbook - Grade 1

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This textbook acquaints young students with the basic beliefs and teachings of Islam in a simple, yet engaging manner. These lessons are arranged in a sequential manner in order to facilitate the student learning experience. This textbook lays the foundation for further study in subsequent textbooks.

This is the first textbook written to introduce the basics of Islamic 'Aqidah, Akhlaq, Fiqh, and Tawhid in a structured manner for beginning readers. The topics are selected keeping in mind the interests and abilities of six and seven year old children. Beautiful illustrations and an attractive design keep young readers interested throughout the book.
The accompanying workbook is designed to reinforce the material covered in the text while also providing practice in critical thinking skills.

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Title: We Are Muslims - Textbook - Grade 1
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