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Stories of 20 More Mighty Muslim Heroes

Stories of 20 More Mighty Muslim Heroes

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Changing misconceptions one hero at a time. This much needed children’s book empowers children aged 8-12 with stories of 20 famous and little known Muslim heroes who were trailblazers.

Do you know Muslims come from every part of the world? Do you know of the Muslim women who are making strides in astrophysics, activism, education, and many other fields?  You know Galileo and Newton but do you know Ibn al-Haytham and Mariam al-Asturlabi? This unique book on Muslim heroes for kids aims to:

• give children diverse role models

• increase Muslim representation in children’s books

• change misconceptions one hero at a time.

Stories of 20 Mighty Muslim Heroes hopes to inspire and empower children with fun and educational multicultural biographies.

The middle grade book features:

  • 20 Muslim men and women who were leaders in their fields.
  • Diverse representation - Muslims from around the world from the Middle East to West Africa to East Asia.
  • Beautiful illustrations - Vivid illustrations of the heroes including a map showcasing all the places featured.
  • References - Stories of the sahaba have been verified by a scholar and references have been provided for further reading.

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    Title: Stories of 20 More Mighty Muslim Heroes
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