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Al Qaidah An Nooraniyah (A4 / Large with QR Codes)

Al Qaidah An Nooraniyah (A4 / Large with QR Codes)

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Al-Qaidah An-Nooraniah teaches the authentic method of reciting the Holy Quran with Tajweed in an attractive way especially for children. If your child starts at age 4, by age 5 s/he will be able to read the Holy Quran by Tajweed if s/he practices An-Nooraniah for 30 minutes every day, Insha'Allah.

Applying Al-Qaidah An-Nooraniah is good for new Muslims so that they can read with Tajweed from the start. It is also a great self-paced learning tool for adults to improve their Tajweed in the privacy of their homes.

This is the latest and authentic version of Al-Qaidah An-Nooraniyah that comes with in large size print (8.2 x 12) and includes QR code to link to video lessons on YouTube.

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Title: Al Qaidah An Nooraniyah (A4 / Large with QR Codes)
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