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Noor Al Arabiya - Level 2

Noor Al Arabiya - Level 2

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A series designed for teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speaking children, consisting of six books representing six educational levels based on the levels defined in the ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) standards for children.

The series originated from linguistic, psychological, social, and cognitive foundations in presenting language skills, linguistic elements, and exercises, leading to comprehensive communicative proficiency. It extends to include transactional and interactive proficiency based on diverse exercises. These exercises aim to develop effective learning strategies, helping learners to independently enhance their skills, such as the morphological family strategy and the strategy of guessing the meanings of new words from context. Interactive strategies in speaking and conversation skills are also emphasized.

The series places significant emphasis on the concept of intensive exposure to compensate for the lack of exposure to the Arabic language outside the classrooms. It maximizes exercises, diversifies them, and works on rotating vocabulary and structures, utilizing previous knowledge and experience.

This series, with its inclusive exercises and additional elements, serves as a strong foundation for learners wishing to advance in their Arabic learning journey. It focuses on thematic diversification, allowing learners to build a diverse vocabulary in various knowledge fields, including mathematics, sciences, Islamic education, Quran, environment, and various arts.

Graphic Design:
The series is designed using the latest computer graphic design software and updates, aligning with the principles of graphic design. It connects scientific theories with sensory elements, emphasizing skills dependent on experience and experimentation. Design principles include balance, contrast, unity, rhythm, proportion, dominance, and alignment.

Images and Illustrations:
Graphics, visual images, and illustrations were developed to define goals and convey ideas to students easily and clearly. Colors, images, text format, and layout were chosen to suit the targeted age group.

The series includes a carefully selected set of purposeful songs. Teaching these songs achieves various educational, creative, and linguistic goals, such as addressing shyness, improving pronunciation, bringing joy to students, enhancing excitement and enthusiasm, and instilling noble qualities and higher values.

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