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I Love Arabic Workbook - Level 1 - أحب العربية كتاب النشاط

I Love Arabic Workbook - Level 1 - أحب العربية كتاب النشاط

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The first activity book expands on the first student's book and reinforces acquired skills and linguistic structures. Each of the 25 lessons in the student's book has 3 accompanying pages in the activity book. Students can begin the activities in class with a teacher’s help and can complete them at home. Teachers should collect books from students after each lesson to correct them.

This is the most comprehensive curriculum for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers in Islamic schools in North America. The author lived and taught in the West, which contributes to the excellence and relevance of this curriculum. Its aim is to focus on similar letters, reading and comprehension, creative writing exercises, ordering, pronunciation, filling in missing letters, matching, time, and gender. It is strongly recommended for children who have had previous exposure to the Arabic language. It is used by a number of full-time Islamic schools throughout the US and comes highly recommended.

Preparing and carrying out programs and curricula for teaching Arabic language and culture
Evaluating programs designed for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers
Preparing and developing measurement and evaluation tools in the field of teaching Arabic as a second or foreign language
Enhancing cooperation with other institutions interested in promoting the Arabic language by carrying out Arabic courses abroad

Teaches Arabic as a primary language
Arabic only
Uses vowelled letters (diacritical marks, or tashkeel)
Textbook focus: listening, writing, reading, and speaking
Workbook focus: exercises and games that support the textbook
Evaluations follow every 5 lessons
Exposes students to common terminology
Illustrated dictionary plus vocabulary list
Ideal for Western students—themes are heavily cultural, not necessarily Islamic
A comprehensive curriculum for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers in full-time Islamic and public schools

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