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Weekend Learning

Etudes Islamiques Niveau 6

Etudes Islamiques Niveau 6


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With the progress through Islamic Studies curriculum, students are now introduced to several new topics with greater depth. The Etudes Islamiques Niveau 6 book takes a break from the life of Rasulullah (S) in order to cover several important topics that have not been discussed previously. For example, topics such as the objective of the Qur’an, the Compilation of the Qur’an, the relationship of the Qur’an with previous books and compilation of Hadith are covered. Morals and activities from the lives of Nuh (A), Dawud (A), Sulaiman (A) are covered. The life and activities of Musa (A) are covered in several chapters. Lives and works of Khadijah, ‘A’ishah and Fatimah (ra) are included in three chapters.

Homework becomes more intensive. Students are required to consult a translation of the Qur’an to answer some of the homework. As with other Weekend Learning Islamic Studies books, homework is included.

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    Title: Etudes Islamiques Niveau 6
    Weekend Learning
    Mansur Ahmad and Husain A. Nuri
    Pages: 136
    8.5 in x 11 in
    Appropriate for Ages: 

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