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Eliyas Explains - Why Does Allah Let Bad Things Happen?

Eliyas Explains - Why Does Allah Let Bad Things Happen?

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A child-friendly, character-led explanation and dialogue around a big question children may be asking during these testing times: Why does Allah let bad things happen? Why is there evil in the world when Allah exists?

For anyone who wants to understand why bad things - like the situation in Palestine – happen. And for those who want to learn to trust in Allah and cope with their own trials and tribulations with peace of mind and great expectations.

 Eliyas explains why bad things are allowed to happen, including explanations of Qadr, free will, and the benefits of trials, then leads journalers through a series of thought-provoking prompts, engaging children in reflective acts to further enhance their ability to grasp these concepts and explain more along the way!

Insha’Allah book covers the following:

- Allah’s plan and the bigger picture. With real life and prophetic examples.

- Why Allah doesn’t make only good things happen in this world.

- The reward for patience through tests and how Allah will punish evil doers.

- The concept of free will and understanding why Allah doesn't simply create all humans as inherently good beings.

- Our responsibility to choose good and stand against oppression.

- Benefits of trials and tribulations.

- How we can prepare for tests in our lives.

We pray you find it a useful tool to navigate these topics.

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    Title: Eliyas Explains - Why Does Allah Let Bad Things Happen?
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