Collection: Horizons in the Arabic Language (Al Aafaaq) - الآفاق في اللغة العربية

Language acquisition is a lifelong process ideally beginning at the elementary level. Here, the foundations can be laid to build proficiency through grade school and beyond. The “Al-Aafaq fil lughat al-Arabeyah” textbooks series was launched in January 2004. Using a new Arabic language model for grades 1 through 6, the objective is to make mastery of Arabic more achievable and enjoyable for students.

Natural Approach: The new model incorporates an approach that involves the use of visual aids and posters with questions to allow students to pass through an understanding phase before they begin to use the words for communication and to gain more understanding of the language and build confidence before covering more advanced material. Students are encouraged to answer questions posed by the teacher regarding the visuals representing the vocabulary being taught. Emphasis is placed on the reading and comprehension skills which are covered in each level.

Integrative Approach: Language programs provide a window into the culture of its speakers. The Al-Aafaq program ensures that students, through the study of Arabic, gain insight to Islamic culture, lifestyle, history, and literature.

Elaborate Workbooks: A workbook accompanies each textbook allowing the student to consolidate learning and for teachers to monitor and assess progress.

Horizons in the Arabic Language (Al Aafaaq) - الآفاق في اللغة العربية

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