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In the Arabic Language Garden - Textbook: Level 1 - في حديقة اللغة العربية

In the Arabic Language Garden - Textbook: Level 1 - في حديقة اللغة العربية

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The first level in the series (In the Arabic Language Garden) for elementary non-Arabic speakers, which starts from the age of 6 -7 years, and it can also be used for teenagers up to 15 years who have not previously learned the Arabic language

The educational material consists of 180 pages that have been distributed into two books (Textbook book + Workbook), and it contains 28 educational lessons equivalent to the number of letters of the Arabic alphabet. Each lesson consists of 6 pages (4 pages in the textbook + 2 pages in the workbook)

The two books were designed and produced using full colors and large clear lines, with artistic production in an interesting and attractive style, and using modern, high-quality pictures and drawings to attract non-Arab students to learn the Arabic language and attract them to love the book and interact with its contents.

Students at this level will learn to know the letters of the Arabic alphabet in alphabetical order using the synthesis method, in addition to acquiring the ability to recognize alphabets and distinguish between them reading and writing in their abstract form and with all forms of drawing them in the beginning, middle and end of the word Distinguish between the sounds of letters with fatha, damma, kasra, sukoon, and tanween, and between the sound of long vowels: alif, waw and yaa.

The ability to distinguish between letters that are similar in pronunciation and similar in writing, to be familiar with the image that expresses the nouns, verbs and opposites related to the surrounding of the student.

Also, for the first time in the Arabic language teaching curricula, the skill of analysis and syllabus the word is applied, which has a great role in reading and writing the Arabic word quickly and easily.

On pages 116-117 there is a proposal for the course of spelling, to consolidate the skills related to learning letters, their movements, their lengths, and their intonation, clear the differentiation between the similarity letters in writing and pronunciation.

There is also a detailed index on pages 118- 119 for the distribution of pictures inside the book, to facilitate access to them, called the Illustrated Dictionary.
Fluency in writing all the letters of the Arabic alphabet and distinguishing between similar pronunciation and drawing, and the dictation material is closely related to the basic book.
Make the student acquire the skill of copying by adopting many interesting methods and getting him used to writing from right to left, as is the case in Arabic calligraphy.

The book contains drawing and coloring material in an attractive manner aimed at developing the student's imagination and refining his artistic and aesthetic taste.

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Title: In the Arabic Language Garden - Textbook: Level 1 - في حديقة اللغة العربية
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