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An Ocean in One Drop - The tale of Hajar in Hajj

An Ocean in One Drop - The tale of Hajar in Hajj

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An Ocean in One Drop children’s book is based on an ancient Islamic story about the family of prophet Ibrahim (AS), the origins of the ‘Zamzam’ well and the establishment of early Makkah – the site of Islam’s holiest city. Muslims believe that thousands of years ago prophet Ibrahim (AS) was told by Allah to travel towards a desert land (now known as Makkah) with his wife Hajar (AS) and his infant son Isma’il (AS). He was told to leave them in this area and, although they were not sure why, they had faith that this was part of Allah’s bigger plan.

Jamila’s grandmother has returned from Hajj with some wondrous Zamzam water! Let’s join Jamila on a storytelling adventure as she learns about this water and how it connects to Hajar – the woman at the heart of Hajj.

Using poetic rhyming couplets and stunning water colour visuals, this children’s book explores the importance of this story and ritual through the opposing themes of water and desert, life and death, and ancient heritage in modern times.

The book promotes the power of women’s narratives so that future generations can transcend gender inequality and injustice.

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Title: An Ocean in One Drop - The tale of Hajar in Hajj
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